Here’s what the future Hugo’s development might look like

Hugo’s, the dominant grocery chain in Grand Forks, is planning a major development on the south side of town.

The city’s Planning and Zoning Commission gave the project preliminary approval Wednesday night. Some issues worked out during that meeting included closing off traffic from Washington Street into the adjacent neighborhood.

Project planners passed out this preliminary concept of what the future Valley Market Development may look like (click for larger image):

There’s a couple of caveats with this picture, however. For one, none of the brands, like Barnes and Noble or Granite City, are actually signed on to be part of the development. And the building photos included are likely not what the final product will look like at all. The map is meant as more of a preliminary concept to show what the project planners envision for the area, namely retail, restaurants and housing.

But the concept does show that developers are looking to add more amenities to a fast-growing part of town.

Hugo’s hopes to break ground on the grocery store later this year.

6 thoughts on “Here’s what the future Hugo’s development might look like

  1. I read this in the planning and zoning agenda before it was published in the Herald. What are the thoughts about the catering/banquet facilities? Does Hugos plan on having an area for weddings and other similar events? The development plan certainly implies that. Also, it has a wine/spirits area, aka liquor store, what are the thoughts on this? It makes sense for this end of town; however, Hugos has two liquore licenses in the city of GF and it seems the city if unwilling to allow anymore to an individual corporation.

    Lastly, do they plan on allowing actual sidewalk access to the bikepath? My main complaint in GF is that the bikepath, even with snow removed in the winter, is lacking in access to the bikepath. Go down the south side of 32nd Avenue sometime, you have no sidewalk access from the bikepath to Burger King, Cherry Berry, etc. I only list this one as an example, as there are others that have no access to the bikepath.

    • Hey Mike,

      All good questions. Not sure on the bike path situation. But I do think they are looking to have a liquor store at this location. And from talking to my colleague Charly Haley, it does sound like they want to have banquets or some sort of gathering space there. Not sure what kind of events they would look to host.

  2. Given the massive migration to the south end, I would not be surprised that in 20 years you either have two cities, Grand Forks and South Grand Forks, or a ghettoized north end and an affluent south end.

  3. Barnes and Noble is pretty close to being out of business overall and very unstable financially. I would not bet on them making it another year.

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